How it all began...

"Start Slow. Build On Success."

McLennan Animal Rescue Coalition (MARC) was started in April 2012 to unite local animal advocates in a "positive arena" to help save our community pets and ease the burden on the local shelter through rescue, advocacy and education.

Our Mission

To reduce the unnecessary killing of our community's animals through proven life-saving programs, advocacy and education with the ultimate goal of achieving a No-Kill community.

How do we accomplish this goal?

MARC is an all volunteer, foster-based, high volume adoption 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with an emphasis on rescuing animals from the Waco shelter most likely to be euthanized.

MARC is P.A.S.S. - Positive Alternatives To Shelter Surrender helps keep animals out of the Waco shelter! Offering advice that may allow an animal to remain in his/her home, or local resources to help a pet or stray find a new home.

MARC is Advocacy - Promoting No-Kill through awareness, education & ordinance revisions at the municipal and county level.

MARC is Urgent Uploaders - Helping to network "death row" Shelter Pets to the public and fellow rescue groups throughout Texas & the U.S.

MARC is - Reuniting Lost/Found Pets with owners to help save limited kennel space for truly homeless animals.

MARC is Rescue - MARC only rescues animals Urgent shelter pets from the Waco shelter when no other adoption or rescue options are available.